Saturday, March 21, 2009

Anugerah Allah..Penyeri Keluarga Kami

Oops..that's not what you all were thinking..This is the picture of my niece, her name is Auni Iman Batrisyia. Some people call her, Auni, her parents call Iman,paklong call Trisya, cik da, cik wa, mak atok, and atok call her auni.And my booboo, fifah call her NiManSya..the shortcut of her full name..hahaha.She actually doesn't know how to pronounce Auni's name cause its long therefore every time i ask "Siapa nama baby", then she said NiManSya..So funny.
Auni now turns to 3 months 16 days. I just can't believe that she's growing up fast. I miss her very much.Everyone at home including mak atok, atok, cik da, paklong,pakcu, miss her smile, and her cute baby face. Since last week she lives at her opah house in Klang,together with her umi and abi.
Actually she's lives nomadic(hehehe).One week at Shah Alam, one week then at klang. No wonder she's like to jalan-jalan.She's so happy and enjoy if she gets a chance to step out and sightseeing. Sampaikan if she start to cry, just say this word to her"JALAN KITA", then she seems to know, and be polite and quiet. So clever..

She's work hard to terbalikkan badan..the step to crawl..tgk kat bawah strugglenye dia..Tapi usaha tangga kejayaan kan Auni?..Cuba lagi, okey?..

Tengok tu..kesiannya dia..Cik wa tolong auni..tak pe la Auni, pelan2 ek sayang, nanti dah lama-lama, Auni pandai,okey..

Ala, comeinye dia..knp Auni?..nak tayang lubang hidung ke?..

I love this pic..pandai ye dia skrg ni..tapi tak pe cik wa suka auni masa ni.Dah besar jgn buat lagu ni..

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