Sunday, April 19, 2009


Assalamualaikum..lately..I'm so busy with my new work,never back early.Every week is closing.y?..makes me pressure with lots of burden. Then after a months of working, i realize nothing is going to be easy after this. Everyday is the challenge..but do i strong enough to face it?..i also don't know.

Sometimes i feel like to quit and get new experience in other field, but then i start thinking, where i will be going too?..Life become harder and tougher..

I think i am the person who can't stick doing the same thing over and over again. I'll get bored with that. As a result, I'm not gives 100% focus and determination to the work but i just release it without any intention on it.Do i sincere with my job?..huh..i dont have answer for all of this.

I just started to crawl in the aim of my ambition. I want to be someone..someone that differ me from my old me.I want to be new..but how should i start? and Who should i trust?..

I need help..kindly assist me my fren, ya allah...i need the enthusiasm and i want to be fearless and dare to fail and go for broke!!!!!!!!!!!

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