Tuesday, July 28, 2009

TEAM AWAY FINANCE 31/7 till 1/8

The blog will not be updated till next week as I will not be around till saturday. As per attached, is the place where i will be going to, CORUS PARADISE, PORT DICKSON...Yupyy!!!. Actually my company is organizing team away starting from this friday till saturday and and the program more focusing on team building. Based on the tentatif program, such activities are Comando Obstacles and Sukan Air Water Rafting (Can't wait). And the most thing i like about the team away is that ALL IS PRICELES!!!..However when i come back, on sunday i must come to office to settle all pending work as monday is closing day..huhuhuhu. Surely i will get tired, but what to do..The most important like my colleagues said "APA YANG PENTING KERJASAMA"..

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