Friday, October 23, 2009

Soklan WarmuP..warmup ke..Banyok ni jang???

1. Name one person who made u laugh last night?
Azira-character in Sumpah Bunian

2. What were u doin at 0800?

3. What were u doin 30mins ago?
Updates blog

4. What happened 2 u in 2006? University, repair paper

5. What was the last thing u said out LOUD??


6. What color is ur hairbrush?

Do i have?..

7. What was the last thing u paid for?
Ais batu

8. What’s the weather like today?
Raining but hot

9. What’s the best ice cream flavor?
Vanilla and caramel

10. What excites u?

Nur Kasih...Satay Kajang

11. Do u want 2 cut ur hair?
Nope..just cut

12. Are u over the age of 25?

13. Do u talk alot?

Sometimes , depends on mood

14. Do u watch the OC?

15. Do u knw anyone named steven?
Whose him?..handsome ker?

16. Are u a jealous person..
Sometimes..probably yes

17. Name a friend whose name starts with letter A
Arfah, Ana, Asmah

18. Name a friend whose name starts with letter K

Kak yat, kak niza, kak eton and all kak's

19. Who’s the first person on ur received call list?

20. What does the last text message ur received say?

Minyak sebotol, ais batu. mauripan 3 kotak, kelapa parut sebijik

21. What was the last thing u ate?


22. Will u get married in future?

Of course if i have meet my mr.right...

23. What’s the best movie u’v seen in the past 2wks?
Hantu from Indonesian at slot CITRA astro

24. Is there anyone u like right now?

25. Are u currently depressed?

26. Anyone ever said u resemble a celebrity?

27. What’s ur main ringtone on ur phone?
Be with you-Akon

28. What should u be doin right now?

29. Why did u answer n post dis?
hahahaa...cause tomorrow i'm on leave..can sleep late and to updates my blog so that no one miss me

30. tag 5 people…

Is that compulsory?

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