Sunday, November 13, 2011

Update plsss!!

Hai everyone!! I'm back..yeah!!!. It's been so long that i do not write down anything in this page since my last entry. Actually I'm always visiting this page and look what's new here. So happy that my followers shows increasing number perhaps day by day or week by week. I'm not expecting many even it is few but then i really appreciate each one of them.

~ Thanks for spending your time click to this blog and be my follower ~

InsyaAllah I will also spend time to visit you guys back.

Nothing special about this blog other than an ordinary girl who likes to express her feeling and thoughts by typing letters by letters with motive to feel relief.

How to start? What is the subject of new post? Erm...still thinking.

Got an idea but do not know how to potrait in word. come writer or novelist create their own story and be so knowledgeable. Come out with briliant idea and make people intrested to read. Should learn from them right?..hehehe.

Ohh..maybe just to share what is my feeling right now?Miss my lovely babies. They are getting growth and i am so in love with them..Eternity..Forever...Always!!.

They are so special in my heart and i will do anything to make them happy and happy and happy. This picture was taken during eid aldiladha..Iman and ifra in cute yellow baju kurung. Muuaaahhh sayang... Can't wait to see u coming today.... :-)

No picture of adek after scroll below because she reluctant to her photo taken. So only photo of her kakak as this cute kid is a camera queen. :p

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