Saturday, March 7, 2009


Tommorrow my stomach will be full with nasi minyak coz 3 of my fren are doing their wedding receptions. And today,are their akad nikah.CONGRATULATIONS AND BIG ROUND OF APPLAUSE PERSONALLY BY ME..Wish u happily ever after together.Rasa mcm sekejap je masa berlalu, dah kahwin dah kawan2 aku ni..VERY HAPPY FOR ALL OF U GIRLS!!!.To my fwen listed below..THANKS FOR BEING ONE OF THE GREATEST MOMENT IN MY LIFE..

[♥ Siti Rohani and Shahidan ♥]
  • SITI ROHANI..also known as siti.My best fren since standard 3..14 years ago..3 JAMBU, SRK SEKSYEN 19.
  • Tall, spiky, and most important bertahi lalat di tgh..(like....hehehehe).But that's make her cute.
  • Everyday go to school with her, jalan kaki.Before that park my bicycle at her home then we walk together.The bell was ringing at 1.10 p.m but we arrive 1.11p.m..hahaha..Jalan laju2..mcm itik {itik laju ke}..hehehe..[senyum sorang2 bila teringat benda ni]..And we always late to school, because she is like suri rumah, need to settle this and that things such as cooks, washing, cleaning, sent her sis to nursery..and bla2..she's matured than her age..TRUELY..very proud for her!!!
  • Nice, kind, humbble, sincere,..she's inspired me a lot with her life experience.
[♥ Zita and Razif ♥]
  • ZITA..i knew her when i was studying at perlis matriculation college
  • her looks like chinese..but she is pure mix..
  • class mate tuto and kuliah A4..always went to the store PERLIS, with her..
  • my best fren, my neighbourhood,pinky gurl..PAHANGRIAN!!!
[♥ Raja Munirah and Irwan ♥]
  • RAJA childmate..i cannot remember when she shifted,but lost contact for long2 time, then suddenly last months..BUMP!invitation card..wah.she is getting married!!..she still remember me..huhuhu..miss her a lot
[♥ Huda and Ikmal ♥]
  • classmate, 4 and 5 wira..
  • her face looks like Siti nurhaliza..
  • her wedding was on october..and now she is waiting for her first baby, going to be a dream..see her as a teenage girl then BUMP!!..she is pregnant!!..CONGRATZ!!
[♥ Shazawati and Azham ♥]
  • oldx4 classmate..time dress..
  • hasky voice..
  • sorry coz was not able to attend wedding reception..i was working that time..
  • BUT thanks for invited me..CONGRATS!!!
[♥ Anis and Mir ♥]
  • My neighbourhood at perlis matriculation college
  • she was roomate with zita..
  • she always laughing and happy person..
  • she is married with her BABY BOY..hehehe..kahwin gak ko anis ngn baby boy..CONGRATZ!!

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