Saturday, January 2, 2010


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Selamat Tahun Baru 2010.Syukur Alhamdulillah,Its 2nd day in year 2010. How is it going?Erm, so far okay. Macam biasa. Maybe its still new, yet start working out to achieve my resolutions. Like anyone i also have own resolutions but as far as now, all my resolution failed to accomplish.

Actually on the day of NY, someone has spoiled my mood. Pagi tu okay je, even though i know that everything is going harder and everyone thinking like crazy. All because of closing period. Then, late evening, someone 'push' me to be fast in doing a work. Then i said okay i tried. Please be patient!I am human being not robot. Please understand me! I never complaint so please do not complaint either. I dont know why that person want everything quickly. Can you please bertolak ansur? I did some of your work ends up my works pending. But i never complaint!!. When you unable to settle your work i give hand to makes you a bit free. Never complaint!! Therefore when i cannot complete my work on time,please understand!!!.. Huh..susahnye jadi kuli..ckp salah tak cakap pn salah. Masa ni mmg sakit hati sgt2..dah lama pendam. Entah macam mana ternangis plak lepas tu.Rasa sedey je time tu.

Balik tu ngadu ngn abah, abah ckp takpela tu pengalaman kamu. Dari situ kamu belajar ttg kerja, ttg diri kamu and diri org tu. Betol gak apa yg my abah said. Learning process is invaluable experience. Its takes more than just determination-it takes endurance and patience.By that, aku cuba untuk mengembirakan hati sendiri even my heart can't stop crying. Aku jadi kuat sebab aku ada mak ayah, ada famili yang aku kena pikir. Aku kuat sebab aku tahu aku siapa.Aku selalu beranggapan yang semua orang berhak untuk melakukan kesalahan. Sebab kesalahan tu adalah punca perubahan.Membaiki kesilapan untuk menjadi yang terbaik. However ada orang yang tak suka orang lain melakukan kesalahan. Aku pun tak faham org macam ni, mgkin dia dah perfect sgt kot.

To all of my friends, my family, abah, emak and everyone who lend support in my good and bad times, THANK YOU VERY-VERY MUCH. Love each of you, so so much!!

2010, i will be more straight in doing works, stay focus and high discipline. Besides i pray to ALLAH, untuk memperoleh lebih kesenangan dan dmurahkan rezeki dalam segenap hal.Aku berharap jiwa aku lebih bersedia dan rela hati untuk belajar hidup dengan jiwa orang lain. I dream a lot of things such as own car, own house, better job, have many good/understand friends, kebahagiaan untuk keluarga, and unrevealed resolutions (fail sulit). In order to ensure all these resolutions met with success, then i must put double efforts to make this year a better one. Insyaallah.

For all of you, i wish a good health, happiness and success in your life. May you and myself be showered with blessings from Allah s.w.t.

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