Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Heart feeling..Does anyone cares?

This entry has nothing to do with me.But indirectly yes, i feel the air. After i knew the story, i got unsatisfied feelings. Setiap orang ada kondisi dan masalah sendiri. Its easier said than done. They can say bla..bla..bla..and we?.Do we have an option?...I can't see one. Huh!!(Satu keluhan yg amat berat)..And why don't they understand our feelings, our thought and do not simply make bad assessments on us. Its not about accountability and whose good or not .We give full commitment on what we do and in fact we put aside the needs of our life.We never claim the things that we should have, which is our rights.

This is what we called life. Life is not simply as i imagine Ada kala rasa seronok, happiness all the time and sometimes problem can make us crazy. With iman and kesabaran, as Muslim i try harder as i can to make everyone around me happy. For that, sorry if i fail to do so. New year just around the corner, and I'm not even thinking about the resolutions. But after dis, shall i make a resolutions in order improving my self for the better life. Huh!! (Another one ).

- I am blur like the puzzles in the pic..%@%??>$$ -

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